Liquid Blender Cleanser

Liquid Blender Cleanser – MakeupbySakura –

❤ Cleansing the Beauty Blender and Brushes is not the easiest thing to do and I have to admit that I’m a bit lazy to clean them, but when I tried this liquid cleanser, I felt like cleaning my beauty blender will never be the same, plus it’s really time saving. It’s a soap and it smells of fresh lavender. It comes with a flatter pump which is very useful to take off the product.

Dirty Beauty Blender

Dirty Beauty Blender – MakeupbySakura –

❤ To clean my dirty Beauty Blender, I put it under water, when It comes bigger, I just put it on the pump and pressing it till have the amount of product I need, then I squeezed it and I softly rub it to not tear up the Beauty Blender, and finally I rinsed it I got my Beauty Blender Nice and Clean !

Cleaned Beauty Blender - MakeupbySakura -

Cleaned Beauty Blender – MakeupbySakura –

❤If the Beauty Blender still have product left, I recommend to put it in a container full of water and some Liquid Blender Cleanser inside for several hours, and then rinse it.

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